Bill Prickett


Bill Prickett was born in Kent in S.E England. At the age of 17 he left his studies at Grammar School to take up a position as a dolphin trainer at Windsor Safari Park, UK. He spent the next 15 years increasing his knowledge of wildlife by working with and studying a variety of animals. These experiences played a large part in his future career.

During this time he travelled all over the world and participated in several expeditions. In Australia, Prickett worked with the Queensland National Parks Authority to help capture a 16 foot crocodile. In Hawaii, he studied humpback whales with the Pacific Whale Foundation; off the coast of Scotland he worked with researchers on echo location in dolphins; and in the Congo rain forest he researched West African dwarf crocodiles and tracked gorillas.

Prickett also found time to nurture his creativity and he automatically turned to the naturally occurring medium of wood to produce his first pieces of sculpture. At the age of 33, he chose to devote himself to sculpture full time. Prickett's work is still driven by his love of wildlife and the natural world, which provides an endless source of inspiration.

Prickett uses both traditional and modern materials and techniques to produce his sculptures. He spends time carefully selecting the medium that produces the effect he wants to achieve. This may be through skillful use of the figuring in the grain within a particularly unique piece of timber, or perhaps by utilizing the striking effect achieved with the contemporary medium of plywood.

In recent years, Prickett has produced sculptures using clay, plasticine and wax and his work is reproduced as limited edition bronzes.