Anastasia Kimmett


Anastasia Kimmett breaks through the traditional format of painting to develop a technique which combines emotion with intellect and abstract with design. Creating a series of inspired, impressionistic and abstract paintings, she then cuts them into small pieces, blends and arranges the unstructured clips to create scenes that are both structured and rhythmic. Her works are rich in color and inspire the imagination to see unlimited images and landscapes. What is seen when standing back from a finished piece will vary from person to person and from moment to moment but, when one looks closer at 'the big picture', it will reveal itself for what it truly is, a collection of beautiful, tiny building blocks of pure emotion.

As an artist with a degree in fashion design and haute couture construction, many years as a window designer and stylist for Holt Renfrew and the designer of thousands of hand-created cards and stationary sold in stores throughout Canada by her own company, her resume also includes over a decade of experience and study in the art of acting, both in Canada and the United States. Now as an emerging visual artist, she combines and pours the varied practices and theories of her multi-faceted background in the arts and design, into the creation of her paintings.

Kimmett's works reflect and merge an eclectic group of influences, from the emotional spontaneity of the abstract expressionists, to the architectural design marvels of Frank Gehry, to the film makers who first create, then splice together their moving pictures to craft their stories.

Anastasia Kimmett was raised in the small town of Carp, on the outskirts of Ottawa Ontario and after having lived in Toronto and Los Angeles, she is now based in Vancouver.