Adam Siegel


Adam Siegel's work appears in over 350 collections around the world. His professional exhibitions began with a solo exhibit at Photo Gallery International in Tokyo. Immediately following his time in Japan, he received both an Illinois Arts Council Grant as well as a prestigious fellowship from the State of Illinois.

Adam has shown at some of the top galleries in New York and Chicago. In New York, he showed photography at Castelli Uptown and paintings at Charles Cowles Gallery in Chelsea. More recently, he had solo shows at such diverse venues as the Zolla Liberman Gallery and Artropolis in Chicago to Art Miami during Art Basel.

Adam has worked in close collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago by creating a mile-long installation titled Path of Remembrance. The public was invited to participate to help co-create a memorial with the artist by stenciling a walking labyrinth that encircled the museum. This piece was produced as a civic memorial for the victims of September 11th.

The Spertus Museum, located on Michigan Avenue, hosted a solo show by Adam Siegel. This exhibition, titled Works on Words showcased Adam's iconic works on paper that integrated such divergent sources as old manuscripts, his love of 18th and 19th Century Natural History, and words drawn from a favorite poet, Pablo Neruda. These works often feature a face, bathed in blues, casting an expression that is both powerful and vulnerable. A large installation showcasing the blue face is showcased in the lobby of the 600 North Michigan Avenue building. The work spans over 16x16 feet.

Additionally, two oversized paintings hang in the Board of trade building in the famous Everest Restaurant. The Bank of America also features a large series of his paintings, displaying them at the Wicker Park location, while the Harris Bank in Highland Park features a multilayered sculptural painting.

Adam Siegel's studios have over 4500 square feet of space, and are located in the historic Flat Iron Building in Wicker Park. The studios accommodate space for large commission work, painting areas, and a section with natural light for his photography and gallery.